Raspberry Ketones

What are raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones naturally subside in red raspberries as a phenolic compound.  This raspberry compound is what gives the aromatic odor of the raspberry fruit. This natural compound can also be found cranberries and blackberries.    

Since raspberries are a seasonal fruit the raspberry ketone is being synthesized from coumaroyl-COa.  Raspberry ketones are used in perfume, cosmetics, and food additives and now weight loss supplements.

Does raspberry ketones influence weight loss?

Many products are marketing raspberry ketones as a miracle weight loss supplements but there hasn't been any studies to back this up.  There are some studies that show visceral fat loss in mice but no clinical scientific proof for humans.

Where can I buy raspberry ketones supplements?

If your determined to test the weight loss properties of raspberry ketones you can usually find it at these stores.


Walmart carries Pure Health Raspberry Ketone at 9.98$ for thirty 800 mg capsules and  Spring Valley Raspberry Ketones 60 100mg capsules for 14.99$.

Walgreens carries three raspberry ketone products.

  • Phytogenix Ultimate Raspberry Ketone Dietary for     $14.99 84 caplets.
  • Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone 1234  at    $29.99 for 60 capsules.
  • Raspberry Slim Natural Weight Loss with Green Tea Mulberry & Super Fruit Extracts Dietary Supp at      $14.99 60 125mg tablets.

CVS also carries three different raspberry ketone products.

  • Raspberry Slim Natural Weight Loss at 15.49$ for 60 tablets.
  • Nutri-Fusion Systems Raspberry Ketone Fusion at 15.99$ for 60 tablets.
  • Applied Nutrition Raspberry Ketone Capsules at 14.99$ for 40 capsules.